How to quickly get a lot of views on Tik-Tok

First views

Previously, Tik-Tok gave views to all videos, and the video got into the recommendations almost immediately after publication, and you could get free views from virtually no place. But the algorithms have changed, and now it has become more difficult to gain views, and indeed to advance in TT:

Now the main indicators for getting into recommendations are watch time (retention), like, repost and transition to a profile. If all 4 indicators are combined, such a video is more likely to be promoted in TT. Therefore, the first views and how users interact with the uploaded video are very important. Ideally, this is a video in 1 minute, which is watched to the end, likes, shares and comments every second viewer. By the way, you can buy tik tok views on our website.

Now the process of distributing views is stretched over time. If earlier the video was included in the recommendations almost immediately, then after updating the algorithms, new views began to appear within a few hours and a week. For this reason, the publication time is no longer so important, it is only important for views from subscribers, and from here the next point follows.
Subscriber activity. Your subscribers are the first to see your videos after publication, so it’s important that the audience is active and responsive to your videos.
Conclusion: the first views and interactions with the video after publication are important, it depends on whether TT will promote the video further. If the first response to the video is weak, it may freeze at several tens / hundreds of views and not move on.

Of course, you can go for the trick and get the first views by boosting views on Tik-Tok, but you do it at your own peril and risk — not a single social network likes cheating. There is always a risk that the developers will improve the algorithms, and the dummy account will be banned. Nevertheless, cheating services still exist, which means there is also a demand for them, and TT is not yet closely monitoring cheating.

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